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Heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers

Leading in Gasket-Plate Heat Exchangers efficiency.


Please read here why our heat exchangers make up your best business decision to save energy, save money – often save a fortune, and improve the thermal control of your systems.


Maximizing Heat Transfer Efficiency


It is a pledge that Krashin-Shalev has been fulfilling for generations. We specialize in solving heat transfer problems in an array of industries:

The petrochemical industry, the chemical industry through the industrial cooling energy and the central air conditioning.

Our engineering and manufacturing expertise provides you with equipment that meets the highest standards of excellence in efficient engineering and performance and saves you a lot of money, even a fortune – and an abundant amount of energy each and every single day.

Gasketed-Plate Heat Exchangers

Our heat exchangers are the record holders in heat transfer efficiency at any measure tested and are specifically tailored to each application and to every requirement to all types of applications.

Every heat exchanger of our making excels at both the highest efficiency and self-cleaning ability in contaminated applications. These features give an exceptionally high lifespan alongside an exceptionally low frequency of expensive maintenance intervention activity; which ensures maximal energy recovery and conservation and minimal downtime and maintenance costs.

Is your production growing and so are the costs?


We urge you to consider our efficient and cost-effective heat transfer technology. Systems with our heat exchangers are particularly effective as part of designing a new plant, as part of improving existing systems or as part of a key strategy to reduce production and operating costs.

There is no match in Israel to the proven efficiency of the heat exchangers that we produce. These achievements are the result of decades-long professionalism and experience in energy transfer systems in general, and in gasket-plate heat exchangers in particular.

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    מחליפי חום פלטות

    It is a highly professional field that combines many engineering challenges. Many requirements, such as temperature ranges, pressures and materials, are taken here into account. A perfect fit for a wide range of applications, sectors and industries is required, along with special requirements for specific applications in those areas. The heat exchangers we design and produce provide extensive coverage for all possible areas.

    The ability to perform empirical calculations based on accurate measurements and incorporate complex thermodynamic formulas – is essential for the production ability of a high quality heat exchanger that performs its task rigorously.

    The extensive knowledge and experience we have gained in the area of heat exchange, our engineering and design resources, and local manufacturing, combined with our ecosystem’s giant labs, ensure our qualitative product performance. All of this is based on accurate measurements and reliable formulas that are our trump cards in this product area.

    Our over 70 years of activity, prove that our Clients put their trust in us and our products – to operate in their systems, which are worth tens of millions of dollars and more.

    Heat transfer efficiency for any industry

    Our heat exchangers are designed to provide maximal efficiency in transferring heat from one stream to another.

    Each unit consists of a series of corrugated and gasket-metal plates. The panels are alternately arranged and interconnected between shell frames to form channels through which hot and cold streams flow. A hot stream is on one side of the plate while a cold flow is on the other side, with the plate itself creating the most effective means of transferring heat from one fluid to another.

    The gaskets assembled on the plates, direct the turbulent stream that the plates produce hermetically and determine their direction. When the fluids flow simultaneously in opposite directions in these stream channels, the cold stream heats up and the hot stream cools down. A special structure of the plates causes the unique mixture created by the asymmetric plates and contributes to a higher heat transfer coefficient than can be obtained in regular symmetrical plates.

    All of his translates into a more efficient and compact inexpensive heat exchanger with high self-cleaning capability.

    The stream velocity profile of the system and the resulting t turbulence level cause the continuous removal of dirt deposits from the heat transfer surfaces during operation. The self-cleaning process inhibits the development of fouling and clogging inside the system. The turbulence level that the plates create, as aforementioned, for the effective “self-cleaning”, proves itself also for the purpose of CIP (Cleaning in place) by circulation.


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      "Shell & Tube" Heat Exchangers

      Evaporators and condensers for air conditioning, refrigeration and various industrial applications including the replacement of Existing heat exchangers.

      These heat exchangers are constructed of steel or stainless steel shell and pipes.

      Some heat exchangers have internal or external integral  to improve the efficiency of the evaporation or condensation processes. These pipes are made of copper, copper-nickel, steel or different types of stainless steel.

      Possible applications:

      • Heat exchangers for steam heating made of steel shell and bent tubes made of copper, copper-nickel or stainless steel;
      • “Shell & Tube” heat exchangers for special processes or applications;
      • Special gas-fluid heat exchangers (“air-coils”) by EVAPCO Denmark;
      • Heat exchangers for industrial requirements with integral tubes and/or un-integral fins made of stainless steel, copper, marine aluminum, for chemical and petrochemical processes and for sub-pressure applications.
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        מחליפי חום מעטפת וצינורות
        We at Krashin-Shalev are committed to serve our Clients for the benefit of increased efficiency in production facilities, for saving costs and resources, and for quick response times. We provide servicing and maintenance over long years for various heat exchangers, including both plate heat exchangers and "shell & tube" heat exchangers.
        All of our maintenance and servicing work will be subject to our fullest warranty.
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