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Global Engineering and Technology Ecosystem

Meet Our Global Engineering and Technology Ecosystem

We are proud to be partners in a global engineering, technological and manufacturing ecosystem, which is engaged in design, manufacturing and marketing of many types of heat exchangers and evaporative equipment for industrial systems, HVAC systems,their integration into complex lineups, realizing the goal of saving a great deal of our clients’ money – sometimes even a fortune, and an abundant amount of energy.
World leading engineers are part of our ecosystem, alongside our partner’s laboratories for R&D of testing tools and analysis of systems and solutions. They are designed, manufactured and installed in the most advanced sophisticated and innovative projects around the world. Our partners implement in engineering design dozens of patents, which enhance and streamline the unrivaled equipment quality that we provide and all that in order to save you a lot of money – sometimes even a fortune – and an abundant amount of energy resources for operating your systems.

Here are our Global Ecosystem Partners by which the industry and all sectors of the Israeli economy enjoy our products:

  • Lattner Boiler Company
  • Mammoth


TRANTER, a global American company that, after 85 years of research and development, is one of the leaders in engineering and manufacturing of plate heat exchangers in the industrial world.


In a modern world where capital, material and energy resources are extremely pressing, TRANTER’s technology is aimed at the optimal use, retrieval and preservation of all those three factors.

The cutting-edge carving engineering of most advanced heat exchangers, constitutes a breakthrough in heat transfer efficiency and in dealing with pressure drops.

Advantages of plate heat exchangers:

  • New heights in thermal efficiency;
  • More energy savings by the reduction of pumping costs;
  • Optimizing shear stress metrics to minimize fouling buildup trends;
  • Extreme minimization of maintenance and downtime of facilities and systems;
  • For more information, please read more about heat optimization and pressure drops.

Heat recovery and retention for maximal savings

Tranter wide-gap, deep-draw heat transfer plates design, enables the retrieval and heat retention for maximal savings. High heat transfer coefficients, make our heat exchangers quick to respond to initiated changes, which carry an enormous importance in the realms of the Industry, Production and Processes.

In power generation systems, they provide additional condensing capacity that reduces the back pressure which curtails the output of steam turbines for power generation:

  • Cooling of runoff wastewater in hydro-generators;
  • Binary cycle in geothermal loop-heat exchangers;
  • Geothermal heating / in heat exchangers for cooling heat pumps;
  • In heat exchangers for free cooling sources;
  • In heat exchangers for solar panels isolation.

Wherever a heating or cooling source is available, TRANTER’s equipment is able to harness them in order to save energy and, as a result, reducing emissions.


שותפי האקוסיסטם evapco

EVAPCO is a leader in its area and has global resources that provide solutions for heat exchange applications worldwide. We are committed to design, manufacture and deliver the industrial cooling market with the highest quality products for evaporative cooling – and in fact we offer a full spectrum of outstanding heat transfer solutions.

Our Clients in Israel in the areas of air conditioning, industrial production, electricity production and industrial cooling are supported through the engineering design and equipment selection by Krashin-Shalev.

21st century technology that is available for you today

Since 1976, and today more than ever, EVAPCO is synonymous for superior technological innovation and product quality, designed to deliver higher system efficiency, environmental friendliness, lower annual operating costs, reliability, ease of operation and maintenance, noise reduction and beneficial water management.

EVAPCO’s uniqueness is encapsulated in its human capital

The employees’ commitment to work as a team and to excel in providing the highest quality services and products, is due to the fact that the company is since 1984 employee-owned.

We have an uncompromising commitment to provide the most advanced products in our area – making future technology available for you today.

גיבוי הנדסי - שותפי האקוסיסטם

Lattner Boiler Company

שותפי האקוסיסטם lattner

The Lattner Boiler Company, established in the United States in 1918, produces boilers that are fueled with both fuel and electricity for a wide range of industrial applications.

These applications include dry cleaning facilities, steam room systems for health and fitness, food production including steam-shell pots, medical sterilization equipment and more, with proven record of quality and innovation.


שותפי האקוסיסטם mammoth

Founded in 1935, Mammoth has years of experience working with architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners. The company provides custom heat pump packages that are the best and most cost-effective solution for the full life cycle of the facilities they serve.

Today, the Mammoth brand is known in the heat pump industry for the quality, flexibility, and reliability of its customized DX systems. If you are looking for optimum energy efficiency, quiet acoustic performance and a customized footprint – we have the knowledge and expertise to integrate the heat pump system packages to meet your requirements.

We are proud to be partners in a Global Engineering Ecosystem that deals with the design and manufacture of all types of heat exchangers for industrial and HVAC systems, cooling towers, electric boilers and pumps, and their integration into complex systems, with the goal of saving a lot of money – often, a fortune – and an abundant amount of energy.

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