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Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP)

Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) Air conditioning units manufactured by MAMMOTH

Water Source units are terminal units of a central air conditioning system. WSHP units are installed in or near air-conditioned areas and provide cold air directly to the air-conditioned area when heat removal is done through a built-in water-cooled condenser in the unit. Central common part of the system are cooling tower and the circulation pump.

The environments in which this method of air conditioning is being used:

In malls

The reason for use: each business has its own air conditioning system. Each tenant pays the air conditioning usage electricity bill by himself. Joint expenditures are for the condensate water system only.

Luxury apartments in residential towers

This type of residence is characterized by a low to very low attendance factor. It is important for any tenant not to be dependent on the use of an expensive central chiller. Sometimes a central chiller cannot be operated on a meager presence of occupants in the building. On the other hand, running a central WS cooling tower is not expensive. Furthermore, sometimes a massive body of water is sufficient to eliminate heat from a small number of consumers.

The WS method with highly split units, is essentially similar to split air-cooled air conditioners, but without the need to sacrifice performances due to air-cooling and also no need to hang the condenser outside the building and to hurt its aesthetic appearance.

Other advantages of the WS method:

  • Energy efficiency is about 30% higher than with air condensation;
  • Installation flexibility;
  • The ability to move the units from one place to another, thus changing the size of the area to suit the needs of businesses joining an office building or a mall;
  • Low initial costs for developers.

If the Water Source Heat Pump system is installed, it is possible to operate the same air conditioner for both heating and cooling. Moreover, this option gives huge energy savings, as that instead of removing the heat generated by the cooling tenant through a cooling tower, heat is consumed inside the building by a tenant, who at the same time requires heating. For example,  heat rejected from a computer center in the winter season, can heat another tenant’s office.

In the Israeli climate, WS units are more common without a heat pump function but with built-in electric heaters.

WSHP Unit Types:

  • Horizontal built-in units for hanging over acoustic ceiling;
  • Vertical built-in units for installation in hidden cabinets;
  • Built-in floor console units – a solution for buildings without acoustic ceilings or with extremely low acoustic ceilings, due to the height of the building;
  • Split units. The evaporator is located near the consumer and provides air to the air-conditioned area. The condenser is located in a floor machine room and can be serviced by a technician without the need for an apartment interruption. Split units are used when there are special acoustic requirements and the condenser unit must be removed from the air-conditioned area.

“Krashin-Shalev” Metal Works Ltd. represents in Israel since 1991 MAMMOTH Corporation – manufacturer of WSHP units,. During this period, we have more than 15,000 air conditioners of this type in installed in Israel.

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    Split-type MAMMOTH units have successfully undergone rigorous testing by the Israeli Standards Institute for the electrical safety standard and have been officially licensed for marketing in Israel.

    The MAMMOTH plant in China has grown dramatically and expanded to produce AHRI approved water-cooled chillers. These chillers are manufactured based on screw compressors, up to 1000 tons of refrigeration for a compressor. The MAMMOTH plant is developing different directions of water-cooled air conditioning units, such as a series of three-in-one units – water cooling units for A/C, and at the same time – heating water consumption and the possibility of simultaneously heating water for heat consumers.

    Another MAMMOTH plant manufactures ORC – Organic Rankin Cycle Systems and Steam Expanders, for electricity generation from residual heat or from excess pressure steam.

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