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Steam generators and electric boilers

LATTNER Steam generators and electric boilers

Electric heating is only applied when other heating methods are not possible or not feasible to use such as:

  • Backup heating systems for the winter period;
  • Underground installation where fuel materials must not be used;
  • Installation in areas where chimneys are not allowed to be used;
  • Heating facilities that operate 24/7 and can utilize a night low electricity rate
  • Electric water heaters/boilers with outputs from 100 kW to 1000 kW or higher;
  • Electric steam generators with outputs from 24 kW or higher;
  • Electric Thermal Oil Heaters/Boilers – Designed for Industry as a Substitute for muffle furnaces;
  • Electric Steam Heaters/Boilers – Designed for sites that avoid gas and fuel installations or utilize low electricity rates.


About Lattner Boiler Company that supplies us with steam generators and electric boilers

מחוללי קיטור ודוודים חשמליים תוצרת Lattner

Lattner is an American company with 100 years of experience and experience. The company specializes in producing boilers that are fueled by both electricity and fuel for a wide range of industries, with proven record of quality and innovation.

Lattner Boiler manufactures electric boilers for a variety of industrial applications including: dry cleaning facilities, steam-room steam systems at fitness clubs, processing and food production including steam cookers, medical disinfection equipment and more.

The Lattner product line includes a wide range of boilers and steam generators for a variety of usages:

  • Fuel-driven vertical steam boilers;
  • Fuel-driven horizontal steam boilers and hot water boilers;
  • Electric horizontal steam boilers;
  • Wardrobe style steam and hot water boilers (electric boilers);
  • Steam-room boilers.

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