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About Us

Leading the market with quality that endures generations

75 years of excellence in the area in engineering and production of advanced equipment for Heat Transfer and Thermodynamic Processes for efficient production, energy utilization and conservation.

Each and every single day we earn our prominence for our engineering abilities, professional skills, technological know-how, dedicated servicing and uncompromising integrity in the area of Heat Transfer. This is maintained while competing with other companies operating in our area and thanks to the extraordinary experience we have gained due to our cooperation with our dedicated Clients.

Since “Krashin-Shalev” Metal Industries Ltd. was founded, over 75 years ago, its founder and former CEO, Shaul Krashin, and its past managers, were all dedicated to the design and the production of this complex engineering equipment.

The plant’s long time CEO and owner, Dr. Avi Shalev, along with the company’s Chief Engineer Eng. Michael Marcus, are currently leading a professional team of engineers, who continue to provide diverse solutions to the ever growing complexity of heat energy transfer and thermodynamic challenges.
Combined with our industrial plant in Barkan, we represent and collaborate closely with world-leading manufacturers in their engineering and production facilities, in order to maintain and keep our position at the forefront of engineering and technological know-how and to keep abreast of the world’s most innovative and advanced developments and concepts.


Our core values:

Dr. Avi Shalev leads five core well defined values that anchor our company’s strategy and reflect what’s important to us, guide our decision-making process and operations, and ensure ethical business conduct.

  • A Total commitment to our Clients: Meeting the most demanding requirements and solving problems in an effort to meet the needs
  • A continuous improvement process: Ongoing self-improvement
  • An operation that strives for the best possible results: Strong growth, profitability, responsible financial management
  • Skills: Skills, knowledge and know-how, expertise
  • Credibility: Honesty, integrity, ethics and servicing

Professionalism and excellence

We provide heat and energy transfer equipment in order to meet the specific needs that they are supposed to fulfill and to fully satisfy our Clients’ requirements and expectations.

We have always known how to optimize the applications of the science of engineering and thermodynamics in our various manufacturing processes.

As a result, this science is fully optimized for efficiency, for retrieving value and preservation in the appropriate potential of the application.

Professional and innovative team

Our team’s utmost qualification, motivation and decades-long experience,
ensure the solution-creation for the highest complexity level.
Our engineers define the dimension, design, and construction of specific,
customized equipment in a variety of materials.
They rely in their work on manufacturing engineering and calculations developed in our company in a continuous and on-going process over the past 75 years.

ציוד מעבר חום ואנרגיה

Partnering in a Global Ecosystem with world leading giants

Professionalism, innovation, creativity and resourcefulness, are the benchmarks we have been measured by the finest engineering and manufacturing companies in the world operating in our areas.

Those companies have decided to put their trust in us and enfranchise us with the design, adaptation and implementation of their products. Passing those stringent tests is not a trifling matter and we see it as a manifestation of honor and respect.

The big names associated with our Global Ecosystem are EVAPCOGlobal Corporation for Evaporative and Dry Cooling Equipment; TRANTER – Global Corporation for manufacturing of Plate Heat Exchangers; MAMMOTH – Corporation specializing in general and special types of HVAC equipment as well as in Steam Expanders and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) machines; LATTNER – veteran American company specializing in manufacturing of Electric Boilers.

Satisfied Clients

All of our Clients in the areas of air conditioning (HVAC), energy production, construction and hospitality, enjoy the over generations development of knowledge, know-how and rich practical experience in process engineering, thermodynamics and manufacturing technologies, which we have amassed in our areas of expertise, and which save our clients a great deal of money – sometimes a fortune – and an abundant amount of energy – each and every single day!

Our products and services meet the highest standards, while customizing them to the Client’s space at hand and procedure requirements, which ensure the utmost satisfaction of all of our Clients.

Through continuous integration of the latest production technologies and continuous expansion of know-how in engineering and manufacturing, we are able to meet our Clients’ ever-increasing demands.

קרשין-שלו | מעבר חום ואנרגיה

Proven prominence for over 75 years

By no means do we intend to blow our own trumpet, but when you’ll read below our clients own words and remarks, you’ll find out that in their perception, our products represent a total package of engineering consultancy, advanced engineering and technical processes, leading thermodynamic efficiency, quality and durability which outlast the test of time.
The ratios and parameters of the cost-effectivity of our products and systems, are at the forefront of efficiency.
When you purchase “Krashin-Shalev” you are purchasing a minimized Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO), increased efficiency, maximum reliability and uncompromising safety, saving you a great deal of money – sometimes a fortune – and an abundant amount of energy in the day-to-day operation of your systems, facilities and plants.
Inform yourself here why our Plate Heat Exchangers, for example, are your best business decision in order to save energy, save money, and improve the thermodynamic performance control of your systems, facilities and plants.

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