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Heat Exchangers Applications and Performance

In which cases do gasketed plate heat exchangers (PHEs) outperform "Shell &Tube" heat exchangers in a designated applications?

In most applications, our plate heat exchangers transmit energy more efficiently than “Shell & Tube” heat exchangers, due to the significant turbulence levela created by the uniquely corrugated channels in our plates. One plate heat exchanger can contain more than two thousand square meters of super-efficient heat transfer area, with flow rates of more than 5,000 cubic meters per hour. A plate heat exchanger occupies only 10%-50% of the space that occupies a “Shell & Tube” unit and is much lighter in weight and usually at a lower cost also.

Plate heat exchangers achieves Heat Transfer Coefficients  which are ​​several times higher than “Shell & Tube”.

A plate heat exchanger can reach the temperatures (LMTD) of less than 1°C. The structure of the heat exchanger’s rubber gaskets does not allow fluid interference even in case of gaskets failure.

יישומים וביצועים - מחליפי חום

Krashin-Shalev is committed to maintaining the highest standards of design, manufacture and testing of plate heat exchangers These are designed with the help of optimization software and their performance is analyzed by our experts and they constitute an optimal proposal for the specific project, while providing possible alternatives. The bids are meticulously submitted and the Client, with the commercial approval of the offer, receives all the necessary technical and engineering information.

Customized heat exchangers

We will design for you a specific customized and tailor made heat exchanger to accurately and efficiently meet your needs, with the appropriate number of plates, their size, the material they are made of and in the perfect configuration, especially for your circumstances. If your needs change, the heat exchanger can be altered, by adding or removing plates. Each heat exchanger is thoroughly tested after assembly in our plant and tested for the required hydrostatic pressure on both sides.

Accurate choice of plates

GXD series

We use this series for a variety of requirements and especially in cases where the flows are unbalanced and the allowed pressure slumps are adjacent. Better handling of unequal flow rates, accurate adjustment of allowable pressure slumps, and heat transfer rates for both fluids, provide the best overall system efficiency, with a lower heat exchanger cost. GXD Platform Technology utilizes a combination of two asymmetrical plate channels templates, in order to create six different flow channel configurations – and with more than 100 available plate channel combinations, we can tailor better heat transfer for your specific needs.

GL Series

GL Plates offer a wide range of applications. These “fishbone” style plates at a high polarization angle, allow for the lowering of the pressure loss and allow maximal accuracy heat transfer. These plates have shown exceptional performances.

מחליפי חום

Brazed plate heat exchangers

Heat exchangers with stainless steel type 316 plates and copper brazing by vacuum oven brazing of heat transfer plates with copper sheets, in order to create sealing by brazing. These heat exchangers are often imported by us and usually supplied from our inventory for small applications. This type of heat exchanger is a low-cost solution for a limited selection of industrial and air conditioning processes as follows:

  • Clean fluid flows in closed circuits;
  • Air conditioning evaporation and condensation processes, recommended for low outputs.

Welded plate heat exchangers

For more complex applications, we perform for you specific customized imports.

When not to use brazed plate heat exchangers:

  • In applications where copper is prohibited;
  • In applications with fouled fluids;
  • For Closed Circuit Water circulation applications, intended for many years of operation and without guaranteed water quality control;
  • In applications with temperature differences greater than 50-70°C. Please see further details in the application chapter.

Stainless steel type 316 welded Plate Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers welded from stainless steel type 316 without the use of gaskets without copper brazing but in stainless steel welding and can be cleaned in a one circuit for pressures even above 25 bar and temperatures above 150°C.

We can provide unique welded plate heat exchangers with a mechanical cleaning option in one of the circuits.

When is it recommended to choose welded plate heat exchangers?

  • By working temperatures of above 130°C – at desirable level and above 150°C – at required level;
  • By working pressure – for over 25 bar.;
  • When rubber gaskets are not allowed;
  • For toxic and hazardous substances.

Spiral heat exchangers

Designed for usage in contaminated industrial processes, usually in the chemical and petrochemical industries especially with high viscosity solids:

  • Semi-welded plate heat exchangers – expected for availability in 2021.
  • Heat exchangers for bi-phasic streams of ammonia, freons and process fluids.

Welded Heat Exchangers (Shell & Plate)

It is an integral heat exchanger as a complete unit with welded plates one to the other, usually of stainless steel type 316 and assembled inside the shell of stainless steel or carbon steel. Complete units imported from abroad are adapted to your specifications.

Krashin-Shalev is committed to maintain the highest standards of design, manufacture and testing of plate heat exchangers.

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