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Engineering Support

The equipment that we supply for to our Clients have been performing their tasks continuously for decades (we have equipment that function this way for 20, 30 and 40 years). Therefore, our Clients need our engineering support, and especially the training of new engineers who assume responsibility for the facility, regarding the nature of the equipment, the principles of its operation and the proper maintenance procedures …

Long-term engineering support

The equipment we supply to our Clients accompanies and serve them for the long-term. In some cases, the equipment has been performing its tasks continuously for decades. We take pride in the equipment that functions efficiently for 20, 30 and 40 years.

That’s why our Clients need our engineering support. This is mainly reflected in the training of new engineers who attain responsibility for the facility. These trainings include the transfer of knowledge regarding the nature of the equipment, its principles of operation and its proper maintenance procedures.

In addition, many of our Clients, especially in the electronics sector, are changing their manufacturing processes over shorter terms (every two years, etc.). Heat transfer equipment must be able to perform various functions in a modern and evolving environment.

Engineering support for our Clients

In accordance with the new functional requirements to our Heat Exchangers we can recommend, if necessary, the enlargement, the reduction or the modification of the internal arrangement of heat transfer plates.
Our servicing team is standing by for a quick exit to various sites, minimizing downtime of production facilities and performing necessary changes in conjunction with all ongoing general maintenance operations.

Krashin-Shalev is a tradition that is spreads over 70+ years of providing engineering support and service to the systems and products that we supply.
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