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Heat exchanger servicing and maintenance

Professional servicing and maintenance for heat exchangers

Our servicing personnel will be happy to make sure that you will continue to enjoy the performances that you were originally promised.

Our fast, cost-effective and reliable servicing means minimal downtime for your heat exchangers and their reliable equipment preservation to come.

Our technical experts have the knowledge and experience to refurbish all heat exchangers from all manufacturers in our plants or, in some cases, at your facilities and sites.

Yes! we offer you servicing and manufacturer-quality spare parts for every plate heat exchanger of any source.

The advantage of our servicing is our dedication to recondition, not just repair, the failed heat exchangers:

  • Accordingly, we perform combined on-site / factory indoor plate heat exchanger overhaul activities by our servicing staff, who are skilled in handling our plate heat exchangers.
  • We ensure correct closure specifications in order to prevent recurrences of over-tightening and defective plates.
  • Our servicing personnel will be happy to make sure that you’ll continue to enjoy the performance you were originally promised. Our technical experts possess the knowledge and experience to refurbish all the heat exchangers from all sources at our plants or your facilities.
  • In accordance with the requirement, we carry out repairs and mechanical cleaning of the plate heat exchanger by the special instruments we employ in our factory.
  • For the servicing of unique equipment, we sometimes employ external servicing teams comprising of the finest technicians in the country in every sphere and discipline.
ניקוי מחליפי חום פלטות קרשין-שלו | שירות תחזוקה ושיפוץ של מחליפי חום

Professional servicing and maintenance for Shell & Tube heat exchangers

Our factory has the following capabilities for “Shell & Tube” heat exchangers:

  • Standard pressure tests;
  • Install proper replacement tubes;
  • Pipe rolling includes standard pressure tests;

In addition to the restoration, our servicing center’s heat experts are qualified to provide your operating and maintenance teams guidance and advice for maximum.

Preventive maintenance plan

Our qualified experts will help your team build special maintenance records schemes designed for the critical heat exchangers for your operations.
Their aim is to track the average interval time needed between one servicing and another.
This process allows you to schedule maintenance performances before impromptu downtime occurs.
No matter of the supplier’s identity of your heat exchanger’s, we are qualified and able to recondition and modernize your heat exchanger and return it to the performance levels which were originally promised to you by the supplier.
We also offer a “Preventive Maintenance Servicing” program, which is a great and flexible way to maintain your heat exchangers and minimize and anticipate your maintenance costs.
This plan, which is customized to your specific preconditions, offers significant cost savings compared to sudden unforeseen emergency servicing costs.
The program includes the assurance that exists in our excellent and proper care to renew the heat exchanger’s plumbing in our plants, a matter which is covered by the one-year warranty for the materials and work.

And in addition to all of these we provide:

  • The preparation of a report to the insurance company accordingly and as required in analyzing the condition and renovation of the evaporators and chillers’ condensers.
  • Our expertise and expert-opinion has been recognized and accepted by insurance appraisers for many years..

At Krashin-Shalev we are committed to serving our customers for increased efficiency in production facilities, costs and resources savings, and prompt response times. We provide servicing and maintenance over the years for various heat exchangers including plate heat exchangers and “Shell & Tube” heat exchangers.
All maintenance and servicing work is covered by our full responsibility and warranty.

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