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For Operations Managers

Our all-brand servicing increases your “uptime” as our engineers offer you enhanced energy savings and better process performance control.

If you have “Shell & Tube heat exchangers” or any other type of heat exchangers that do not meet your needs, consider moving to Plate Heat Exchangers of our production to reduce construction costs, extend servicing cycles, and increase return on capital.

Superiority in heat transfer efficiency while taking up limited area and space, make us THE FAVORITE choice by all professionals.

מנהלי תפעול

Our plate heat exchangers reduce your current costs as well as capital costs.

Our heat exchangers reliefs your budget in many ways:

  • They reduce fuel and electricity bills and allow longer maintenance intervals;
  • They simplify servicing and pay for themselves quickly by retrieving and conserving energy;
  • And not less important – their compactness allows you to easily expand your production capabilities because they do not occupy a large area.

Find out how our unique heat exchangers are a good business decision for you for performing any heat exchange task in any application you might need.

Get ready to find out how they will save you a lot of money – sometimes a fortune – and an abundant amount of energy.

Why are our compact heat exchangers the best and most desirable choice for system enlargement and improvement?

Many installations that were equipped with heat exchangers “Shell & Tube” and which were required to expand – were in a very problematic situation.

In cases of HVAC or thermal processes, changing the size and installation of a “Shell & Tube” heat exchanger is horribly expensive or impossible because of their sheer size:

  • There is an un-comprisable conflict between the new piping and the existing piping;
  • The weight gain exceeds the load capacity of the building;
  • The sheer size exceeds the existing area;
  • Full disconnection and removal is required to disassemble and clean all the piping.

When the time comes to expand, and your design team will elevate space-related conflict issues with thermal systems, remember our heat exchangers. We have already performed countless “Shell & Tube” replacements with projects that required enlargements or improvements, because it was difficult or impossible to deal with the problems of the areas and spaces.

More compact by the scores

Our heat exchangers take up only a fraction of the space required by “Shell & Tube” units and are much lighter in weight.

We have heat exchanger solutions for all “Shell & Tube” applications.

For low temperature and pressure applications, one unit can contain more than 2,000 square meters for super-efficient heat transfer with flow rates of up to 5,700 cubic meters per hour. It occupies only 10-50% of the space required by the “Shell & Tube” and is much lighter in weight. And it also costs less.

The heat exchanger can be designed for a lower proximity temperature than a “Shell & Tube”. It opens to access within its own space boundaries, with the “Shell & Tube” requiring a doubling of its area to pull out all the piping.

In addition, the area is much more employee friendly – there is virtually no heat loss, and no large insulation is required.

Compare the area occupied by our heat exchanger with a “Shell & Tube” heat exchanger for the same application. The area of ​​the “Shell & Tube” must be doubled so that the piping can be pulled for maintenance.

Heat exchanger "Shell & Tube" for high temperature and pressure applications

Our “Shell & Tube” heat exchangers are designed for pressures up to 200 bar (2,900 psi) and temperatures up to 900°C for standard range units. Extended range units are available for higher pressure and temperature applications.

Compare “Plates & Shell” and “Shell & Tube” in a scale diagram. They have the same heat exchange rate. The size of the PHE is 60 cm * 90 cm and the size of the “Shell & Tube” is 45 cm * 670 cm! Heat transfer rates of the PHE plates that are significantly higher than the “Shell & Tube” piping, make all the difference.

The implications are clear:

  • Lower cost for metals (stainless steel, titanium or other high grade and expensive alloys);
  • Simpler production and shorter delivery times;
  • Easier installation;
  • Simpler support structures and much smaller areas (especially considering the dead space required to pull out the “Shell & Tube” for cleaning and maintenance).

Our heat exchangers reduce your overheads and capital investment and also save you a lot of money and an abundant amount of energy

Why are technologically designed Plates to reduce fouling so important?

For the heat exchanger to operate at maximum efficiency, it is critical that the heat exchangers be clean on both channels where the fluids flow. The heat transfer surfaces covered by fouling will cause many problems.

Common complaints include:

  • Decreased air conditioning system performance;
  • Loss of command over temperature control;
  • Steam vapor releases;
  • Increased power consumption and system malfunctions – to the point of shutdown.

Initially, the effect of some of these problems is small and perhaps not so noticeable. But as time passes and the clogging and fouling in the fluid channels of the heat exchanger surfaces increase and expand, the difficulties in the fluids flows in it worsen. A flow problem leads to escalation in complaints about the system’s performance, results in unproportioned excessive power consumption over time and ultimately, leads to a shutdown.

This is why our Plate Heat exchangers are technologically planned and designed for unhindered flow by preventing the buildup of fouling in them and make them stay cleaner over a longer period of time.

יישומים שונים של מחליפי פלטות

How does our maintenance servicing reduce your overheads?

Plate Heat Exchangers made by most manufacturers provide initially the performance pledged by the manufacturer. But over time, this performance deteriorates, as a result of the inferior compatibility of engineering design and materials quality, equipment and execution against the application.

Our servicing personnel will be happy to make sure you continue to enjoy the performance you were originally promised. Our economical and reliable servicing means a minimum downtime for your heat exchanger and preserve your equipment’s reliability.

Our technical experts have the knowledge and experience to refurbish all heat exchangers from all manufacturers at our plants or on your facilities’ sites.

That is why we offer you servicing and manufacturers’ spare parts for every plate heat exchanger of any products existing in your facilities.

The advantage of our servicing lies with our dedication to restore, not just repair, the failed heat exchangers:

  • Before each replacement, we check the operation of your heat exchangers to find out the causes of gasket deterioration and detect puffiness or cracks;
  • We recommend the correct adhesion method for the new gaskets to repair cracks and leaks;
  • We ensure correct closing specifications to prevent over-tightening and defective plates;

Maintenance expertise for your maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) activities

In addition to the restoration, our servicing center heat experts can provide your operating and maintenance teams with training and advice for maximal performance and maximal “uptime” (continuous runtime).

Our experts will help your team build special maintenance records assigned to the critical heat exchangers for your operations. They’re aim is to track the average interval needed between one servicing and another. This process allows you to schedule maintenance performance before unplanned shutdown occurs.

No matter what the origin, kind or type of your heat exchange is, we are able to restore your heat exchanger and recover the performance originally pledged by the manufacturer.

Monitoring and auditing of energy and fuel savings

If your suspicions arouse that your energy efficiency and consumption as well as your control of the thermal process are not as expected, our servicing team will be able to find the reasons for this on your site.

Our people are investigating leaks and other issues and determining what action is needed to increase the energy efficiency of your heat exchangers and minimize their downtime.

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