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Our plate heat exchangers are our engineers’ best friends

From the beginning of our operations, excellent heat transfer efficiency in a small area and space, has always been our engineering design goal.

Being an engineer, you will probably agree that in the modern world, the highest possible return on capital is a must, and materials and energy resources must be measured and tightened. Therefore, you will probably be pleased to find that our technology is preserving all those three issues (which is why more and more engineers from different areas choose to work with us).


Why is it wise to choose a heat exchanger from our production?

Check out these “apple-to-apple” comparisons to see why our plate heat exchangers are the most rational solution for most of your heat transfer needs in the following aspects:

  • Durability over the years;
  • Reliability in the required results;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Support and engineering service over long years.


For genuine impressions with the projects we have done in the various areas >>


Information about plate heat exchangers:

The unit’s structure is based on plates placed adjacent to each other and separated by gaskets. The purpose of the gaskets is to prevent the fluids from leaking out from the heat exchanger to the environment or alternatively preventing the entry of external materials into the heat exchanger. In addition, the gaskets prevent the mixing between the fluids passing through the heat exchanger by creating separate flow paths.

The plates receive heat from a hot stream and in turn conduct the heat to a cold stream.

Advantages of plate heat exchangers:

  1. Easy and simple maintenance;
  2. Changeable configuration. The heat transfer rate can be altered according to the requirements by changing the number of plate;
  3. Long-term durability (Some of our heat exchangers work for decades in a row);
  4. Superiority of heat transfer efficiency while taking up limited area and space.




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