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“Pre-condenser” Project


Background for the "Pre-condenser" project designed specifically for the Strauss company.

Cooling and air conditioning systems possess an inherent capacity of wasting large amounts of energy, meaning, the need to cool superheated gas while it is released from the compressor. This cooling process is inefficient and requires a false augmentation of the condenser. Not only that the superheated gas causes accelerated fouling in the water section due to the phenomenon of boiler-scale buildup, there are on the other hand there’s a huge need for heated water consumption - a process which gobbles-up expensive fuel and energy. The "pre-condenser" was specifically designed for the Strauss project.
"Pre-condenser" project designed specifically for the Strauss company.

The objective

To Design and produce a heat exchanger that will, on one hand, cool down the superheated gas before entering the main condenser, and on the other hand, will heat consumption water, without the use of fuels or energy, and moreover, the heat exchanger has to integrate with the cooling circuit in such a way, that its function would not be impaired.

The challenge

A design and production technology for a "pre-condenser" heat exchanger exists since the early 1980s. By the time the Strauss Company’s refrigeration and air conditioning consultant contacted us – the planning and design of a series of pre-condensers for various Freon-compressors was underway at the Strauss plants. The condensers were supplied and were operational during 2011. Also, in a number of industrial cooling projects, an ammonia-system pre-condenser was designed and built, which had to meet stringent standards for pressurized vessels containing toxic substances.

The Project’s Solution

The design and production of a "Shell & Tube" heat exchanger for cooling superheated gas while being released from the compressor until its entry into the main condenser.

The outcome

As a result of the outstanding improvement in the plants’ energy-saving performance, the Strauss company won the 2012 State of Israel President's Award for Energy Saving. In the refrigeration plants where our "pre-condensers" were installed for cooling ammonia gas, not only heated water consumption was supplied freely, harnessing no additional energy sources, but the condensation temperature dropped also. Our pre-condensers have taken on much of the condensation load, and allowed the saving of energy for the operation of the main condensers. Such, the resulting reward was twofold: both compressing energy and water heating energy were conserved.

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