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Midtown Towers


The Midtown Project as known by its name "Midtown Towers", is a twin-skyscraper at the entrance of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Their construction began in 2013 and ended in 2018. One 197-meter-high tower inhabits offices and the other 183-meter-high tower inhabits apartments. The apartment tower is the tallest of its kind in Israel. The twin-towers are part of a larger complex that includes two additional towers, a shopping center and other public buildings.
Midtown Towers Midtown Towers

The objective

To provide a variety of HVAC equipment for a system in a complex project that also combines residential, office, commercial and public areas.

The challenge

The design and implementation of such a complex HVAC system is a huge challenge for both the system consultant and the contractor. Both need to choose the equipment supplier that will meet several threshold requirements: - Performance reliability. Especially when it comes to pressure breaker heat exchangers, which must ensure a temperature proximity of no more than one degree centigrade; - International qualifications of the equipment for assured output and mechanical stability; - engineering backup and local maintenance servicing that are qualified to handle heat exchangers on both the lower floors and the heat exchanger cluster in the engine room on the 30th floor of the tower; - Cost competitiveness.

The Project’s Solution

One of the leading contractor in the industry has chosen to procure all of its heat transfer equipment from Krashin-Shalev, including pressure breaker heat exchangers, cooling towers, heat exchangers for the purpose of cooling towers and consumer circuits separation. Parts of the equipment, such as plate heat exchangers for the cooling towers, were built in our factory in Israel. Other parts of the equipment, such as cooling towers with EUROVENT and the International Building Code certifications for wind-loads and earthquakes, have been manufactured at the EVAPCO plant in Europe, which we are proudly representing for decades now.

The outcome

Krashin-Shalev provided all the equipment needed for the Midtown Project aligned with the contractor's tight schedule. The equipment was installed on-site and is operating smoothly.

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