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Client Story # 2

A large and important security plant contacted us requesting to upgrade an existing American-made heat exchanger.

The role of heat exchanger was to cool an industrial process with fouled cooling tower water

Corrosive water have been nibbling over the years at the heat transfer pipes of the plant.

For cost reasons, they wanted to avoid replacing the entire system, but to replace the damaged pipes alone.

First, we conducted in the plant a thermodynamic research that encompassed all the requirements and outputs parameters necessary for the plant in the manufacturing process, and we have discovered that a heat.

exchange system that meets these thermodynamic parameters should be much smaller than the huge system that was then operating there.

One obvious reason for this was that they used heat transfer tubes with sophisticated integral , which used to be the “high-tech” of heat transfer technology. But that fact has not yet solved the mystery.

We took a close look at the plans of the old heat exchange system and found fundamental flaws that resulted from being unconscious, common among many manufacturers, to the codes that underlie the proper construction of heat exchangers.

We saw in the old system large surpluses of heat transfer surfaces, but we also saw failures in the design of the internal structure of the system, which resulted in underutilization in the efficiency of the heat exchange process.

We have updated the plant in our findings. We also took the responsibility to build a heat exchange system according to our plan.

The Client’s pondering was not far behind: “Are you so confident that you dare reject an American planning?”

The results on the ground...

This was not a light decision – it was a complex structure weighing over five tons.

If we were wrong – we will have to trash a bad heat exchange system and produce a new one at our sole expense.

We were confident in the correctness of our calculations and planning, but we could only unwind in relief after running the system whose results exceeded all of the Client’s expectations.

No wonder that a year later, we received from the same Client an order for a second heat exchange system that was similar to the first one.

Re-ordering is the way most of our Clients thank us.

Although it is not customary today to write thank-you letters to suppliers, this time – we won!
In this case, we have proven to our Client and to ourselves that professionalism and expertise combined with ingenuity and resourcefulness, allow us to deal with complex challenges and bring about out sought for solution to our Client.

The Client story is not concluded with this.
After the replacement of pipes in the old unit was completed, the Client is considering a preventive maintenance re-tubing in the second unit, which was installed one year after the old one.

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